Fsa crank removal tool

The crank puller is effectively built into the crank. Self-extracting systems use threaded rings that look similar to a crank dust cap. However, these crank retaining rings are threaded over the crank bolt, so that when the crank bolt is loosened the shoulder of the bolt presses back against the ring, which in turn slowly pushes the arm from the spindle.

No additional crank removal tools are required. The crank bolt of the self-extracting system is right-hand threaded tightens clockwise and loosens counter-clockwise.

The retaining rings can be either left- or right-hand threaded depending on the manufacturer, and are often indicated by arrows on the cap. Rings are secured using pin spanners or hex wrenches. Self-extracting systems require extra care when installing the crank to the spindle. The self-extracting system makes it difficult to see how the arm is fitting onto the splines of the spindle. Cranks and spindles must align and mate properly as the crank is pressed onto the spindle.

A forced mismatch can damage the crank. Splined cranks without the self-extracting cap system allow easy viewing of the crank to spline fit. If there is concern about mating the spindle to the arm, remove the self-extracting cap, install the crank, and reinstall the retaining ring.

Notice arrow to tighten ring counter-clockwise. Trade Resources. Self-extracting system with pin holes in retaining cap Self-extracting system with hole fitting in retaining cap.

Bolt is below ring. Back To Top.This guide provides everything you need to know about a square taper crankset including. MTB-specific info here. To be fussy about definitions, the crank is actually the bent part of the shaft. It forms an angle with the rest of the shaft which for bikes is the bottom bracket spindle.

Crank is enough. The same can be said about crankset: the crankset is the crank, ie. Crankset is a way to indicate the whole assembly comprised by these components. Spiders are limited; cranks come in more variations; most variety is with chainrings. Crank arms come in specific lengths. The Spider allows you to swap your chainrings to achieve different gear ratios, within reason of course. Very important you get chainrings that will actually fit your crank.

Having said that, chainrings are available in a huge variety of combinations single, double, or triple configurations. Cross-country, gravel, time-trial, fixie chic urban cycling. Now, you should be about to protest loudly right now. The second point is the center of the pedal spindle.

This one measures mm, center-to-center. What is the Standard Crank Arm Length? Standard is Short begins with mm. Longer begins with mm. The general rule has always been that the taller the rider—and the longer the leg—so too the crank should be longer. Or rather, you need to select the appropriate crank, which includes the appropriate crank length, for the specific riding context. You should read it and evaluate the argument for yourself.

What is a Square Taper Crankset?Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. Terror Stain Posts: Hello, I want to take apart my FSA cranks but when I try undoing the allen bolt shown in the pics below, after a few turns it starts to "tighten" as if I'm unscrewing it against something. Should the surrounding plate with six holes come off first, and if so how as an allen key doesn't fit and there doesnt appear to be any sort of bolt etc in any of the six holes they are very small?

If so, do I have to go to FSA to get replacements? Another question probably stupidbut are the bearings located in the crank or in the bottom bracket? Many thanks in advance! October Looks like a one key removal - the crank bolt pulls against that outer ring and pulls the crank off.

fsa crank removal tool

So is normal! Keep screwing!!! The question is, if I continue with the suggested method and just keep unscrewing the allen bolt despite the resistance I felt, will it just come out OK and pull the outer ring with the six holes with it, or will it knacker something? I can't tell but could that outer ring with the six holes be threaded, and therefore screwed in place?

Maybe that FSA tool that I have linked to is needed to unscrew it?

fsa crank removal tool

I don't want to damage anything but I really don't know what to do. I was planning to have another go at stripping the crank tommorrow when I'm free, but now don't know wether to proceed.

I would appreciate any help!! Cheers 8. Its a self extracting, one key release. The outer 'bolt' is threaded into where a crank extractor would fit. As you unscrew the inner bolt it pulls against the outer, and then the crank comes off.

Can take a lot of force! Hello again, Just thought I would let you know that today I followed the advice here and just kept on unscrewing the allen bolt, the crank came apart! Many thanks for all the help offered, much appreciated!!! On a side note, that outer ring with the six holes IS threaded, when I was undoing the allen bolt it started forcing the ring out and exposed its thread.

I then used a set of circlip pliers to poke in two of the six holes and unscrew it fully. I haven't had a chance to look any further at the bearings etc or investigate the bottom bracket, I will continue my journey into MTB mechanics when I'm off work next week Once again, thank you for all your help and advice!

Sign In or Register to comment.This article will assist in identifying the crank system found on your bike, and direct you to the article that outlines the full process of removal and installation. Cranks are levers that connect the pedals to the bottom bracket spindle.

The cranks are fitted with toothed sprockets called chainrings that drive the chain. Cranks may be removed to replace cranks or chainrings, service the bottom bracket bearings, or to clean the chainrings. Crank systems have become more complex in recent years. To know the service options you will need to know the type of crank and type of bottom bracket bearing system installed in the bicycle.

On self-extracting crank systems, the crank puller is effectively built into the crank. Self-extracting systems use threaded rings that look similar to a crank dust cap. However, these crank retaining rings are threaded over the crank bolt, so that when the crank bolt is loosened the shoulder of the bolt presses back against the ring, which in turn slowly pushes the arm from the spindle.

No additional crank removal tools are required. Self-extracting systems exist in both two-piece and three-piece form. These have a left crank arm with a compression slot that is secured by two pinch bolts and a right crank arm with an integrated spindle.

These systems use external bearing cups and do not need a conventional crank puller. The left side crank is removed to get to the bearings or to remove the right crank. With this system, both the left and right crank arms are fitted with one-half of the spindle system, with teeth machined into each spindle end.

Instead, the bearings are mounted onto the cranks. This washer is used to account for variations in frame shell widths and effectively acts as the bearing adjustment. The parts of the three-piece crankset are the left arm, right arm, and axle spindle. The spindle is held in position by bearings in the frame.

Both cranks must be removed to service or replace the bearings of a three-piece system. Both left and right cranks will have crank bolts in the arms.

Three piece cranksets generally have one of two interfaces: square spindle arms or splined spindle arms. Many BMX and freestyle bicycles use a unique crank system that utilizes a 48 spline spindle.

The process of servicing these cranksets is slightly different than standard three-piece cranksets. One piece of steel forms the crank arms and goes from the pedal, through the bottom bracket, to the other pedal.

This crank also acts as the bottom bracket bearing axle. Trade Resources. Crank Removal and Installation: One-Piece. Back To Top.This, combined with our passionate commitment to innovative design, research and development, materials and manufacturing processes, ensures we deliver technically superior components that deliver the ultimate performance that riders demand, and all at competitive prices.

That includes replacing it at the optimum time, with the right unit. Forged and then precision CNC-machined with advanced bonding technology, the manufacturing process dramatically reduces weight while increasing stiffness. A Super Compact crankset is very versatile and allows the rider to stay in the middle of their cassette for longer.

fsa crank removal tool

This improves chainline and thus efficiency, which is an ideal solution for long-distance rides. K-Force WE is a high-tech electronic groupset with an elegant design. A unique product that will make you change the way you ride your bike.

Here we are, ready to play the game at the second Grand Tour of the year, the Giro d'Italia! Use our online locator to find the closest store to you. Crankworx Innsbruck Discover our complete off-road range.

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Crank Removal and Installation: Self-Extracting

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If you just want to post a picture, this isn't the place for it. Full rules. We probably can't tell from a picture just what condition your bike is in. Take it to your Local Bike Shop and ask them. If it's carbon, they're probably going to tell you to replace it. Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Technical Info. A comprehensive resource with answers to common and obscure questions, data tables, etc. Park Tools' Repair Help including illustrated text and video guides to service procedures.

Cold Setting Steel Frames : adjusting the dropout spacing on a old frame to fit a more modern drivetrain. A comment with an overview and links to more information. FSA modular crankset lockring tool, is there another waay? Swapping out a chainring on a comet crankset, ordered two that were incorrect because guess what?

There is no direct mount standard! Good times So I finally bought the correct one, from FSA and found out the ring is not mounted to the crank using Torx, it is instead being held on with a lock ring. Anyone know of a safe way to remove and reinstall without said FSA tool?

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Square Taper Crankset: The Ultimate Guide (Includes Removal & Install)

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Crank Removal and Installation - Self Extracting

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fsa crank removal tool

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How to remove FSA crank

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