Undertale fanfiction sans magic

Sans slept fitfully in his brother's hold, his eyesockets squinted shut. The door slid open and the little dinosaur-esque scientist appeared, her head tilted to look up at the rather tall skeleton. Not that Papyrus yelling was anything new, or him carrying Sans to the lab. Both those things were a common occurrence; more than not it was just Papyrus complaining his lazy brother won't wake up from a nap or something. However, what was unusual about this visit was that Papyrus pounded on the door.

He was usually more polite than that, or at least called first. Papyrus's skeletal face somehow managed a look of worry as he held out his elder brother "Sans fell down. She watched the skeletons ascend and then scurried down into the lab.

The true lab. All the quantities of the injections were recorded as well as how each patient reacted. She put her head in her hands. The scientist steeled herself, grabbed what could be useful, and headed back to the ground floor. She has to try something. Alphys's hasty footsteps shuffled along the floor as she raced as quickly as she could to the Skeleton Brothers. Normally in a circumstance like this she'd run on all fours it was a lot faster but she needed her arms to hold precious objects that could potentially save Sans's life.

Papyrus had been looking around the ground floor when she emerged and quickly, without question, scooped both her and her materials up and raced up the motorized stairs. Skeletons don't really need to breathe. Unless they're dying. It's kind of an instinct, apparently.

If they breathe more than the chances of their souls not breaking apart increases. It's a sign of persistence, of something done by the body that could remotely be useful in keeping their soul from falling apart. Alphys swallowed down her hysteria and got to working using what she had. Gently she asked Papyrus to wait downstairs, and after a quick argument he did. Should she fail and Sans turn to dust- or…melt, she didn't want Papyrus to witness it. It might shatter his optimism about the world.

And by Mew Mew she knew the Underground needed that optimism. It failed and cracked constantly with what might become sobs. Undyne didn't expect that answer. For a moment she just stared in shock and then made her way inside. I'm going to punch him back to life! Papyrus gripped her shoulder and held her back.

If skeletons were capable of tears, his eyes would be as watery as Waterfall. Undyne looked at her apprentice a long moment and then shook his hand off, turned around, and put her hands on his shoulders. She gave one of her big grins.Sans was casually leaning back on the bar stool he was sitting on, both hands behind his head and one leg hook onto the counter to keep him from falling.

He reached out and tried to grab a french fry that was on the counter, but his arms were too short for him to get it. The skeleton just shrugged and leaned back even farther, closing his eye sockets and relaxing. He opened one of them when he felt something warm poke his exposed tibia, he smirked a little when he saw Grillz giving him a look that said 'Don't lean back, it's not safe'. Sans just waved off the flame's worry and re-closed his socket.

Why must you always waste your time in here when we are supposed to be on a lookout for humans! There are humans everywhere, remember? They're our ambassador and as the royal guard you must obey all of their orders. Papyrus had always looked up to him, figuratively of course, since the other skeleton brother was a good foot and a half taller than him.

Sans looked down at his hands, he wasn't weak, was he? Sure he only had one HP and could only do one damage, but he had a power no one else had. Papyrus had the ability to use it, but he was too hyper-active to ever learn how to control it, sure Papyrus had some magic, but it was only good for his bone attacks and for the tongue, throat and the simple digestive system the skeleton brothers created for themselves.

Sans finally got off of the ground and told Grillz to put whatever his owed on his tab, promising to pay him next paycheck and left the bar as well. You seem a little off. You're not making any puns. Papyrus just had a cold a few weeks ago. Now, dear, please tell me what's wrong? I'm just bone -tired. I don't like it when you're sad, you're puns aren't are funny when you're not into it.

None of that want that Sans, we all care for you and want you to stay with all for a very, very long time.

None of us do, that's why Papyrus and Undyne want to train with you so badly. You should consider taking them up on their offer.

Sans dropped his head and started walking in the opposite direction, knowing that he couldn't bear to see Toriel's sadden face for any longer. Sans let out a slow breath and could see it become a fog in the air. It was winter on the surface and everything was covered in snow, it reminded Sans of his hometown Snowdin.

No snappy comeback? No pun about my own height or a joke about how being shorter is better than being a giant? I'm not shocked. I'm surprised that you've lived so long-" Mettaton stopped when he saw that there was a blue glow around him.A story like this has been told before, in many different ways by many different people. Even so, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry if you don't, and I hope you find a story that better suits your tastes. Spoilers for all timelines. Please know the music.

Sorry for the formatting. If a character is speaking via text and there is a "3" for seemingly no reason, please read it as a heart. Thank you for stopping by. It was a beautiful day outside on the slopes of the towering Mount Ebott. The sun was shining down warmly, making Frisk's skin tingle. It was warm enough, finally, to wear short sleeves, but, hardheaded in his absolute reluctance to change anything, the short skeleton with a fixed grin accompanying her on her climb was still in his blue winter jacket with the fuzzy hood.

Wasn't like temperature affected him much either way, though. He looked down at the dirt and stone under his slippered feet and then turned his eyes up to her as she did her best to stay upright, walking up the steep incline.

He raised his brows. And this isn't even real. He looked up at the peak skeptically. It seemed to stretch forever up into the clouds. She had to use her hands to grasp the rock and pull herself up, but a sudden flurry of bird sounds caught her attention.

She turned and couldn't help but gawk as Sans floated by her, hands in his pockets, looking almost as if he were asleep as songbirds carried him effortlessly up the slope. When they reached a small, solid outcrop, the birds vanished and the two of them plopped down to the stone.

Frisk pulled out a blanket and flapped it out to straighten it before laying it down. They spent some time hanging around, eating conjured ice cream, and enjoying the sunlight that permeated the dream. It was a nice contrast to what awaited them in the real world. After a little while, Frisk began to feel a little strange, though— started to feel a weird itch in the back of her head. Frisk grimaced. She nodded. Couldn't hide a thing from him, could she?

She gently elbowed him in the ribs. He grinned and mussed up her hair again. She couldn't help a laugh and nestled against his side. Hear that," he said with a laugh. He cut his eyes at her jokingly. She snickered, but any levity she felt was cut short when she was certain she heard a scratchy whispering behind her. She turned to look and her heart dropped. Behind her, drained of colour, drenched in rain, was the entrance to a cave.Also the idea of Boss Monsters "passing" down to those adopted.

Seraphim Sans from The Thought may have influenced me a bit too. Now, I don't know if this is already an AU or not or really close to one, but this idea is going to be called the BossMonster! AU, with BossMonster! Sans or Boss! Sans as BM wouldn't work for obvious reasons. This plays off my personal favourite Gaster-Skelebros idea though the Boss Monster part is newwhich I'll give a quick overview of:. Basically, Sans is the older brother and Papyrus was very little maybe a little kid, like four or five, so Sans was maybe Seven or Eight when Gaster found them and took them in.

He didn't exactly adopt them yet. But he did care for them even if he was absent and at work a lot which Sans constantly argued with him about. Eventually as Sans got older, he showed an interest in science and began to work in the lab with Gaster.

They grew closer, and Gaster began to view him as a son and best friend. Not that he didn't see Papyrus as a son, just that he was closer with Sans. And Sans saw himself as closer with Papyrus than Gaster. Now, when a Boss Monster has a kid with another monster, whether biologically or magically from the parents, they will always be a Boss Monster because that magic gets passed down.

A Boss Monster who does not have children must eventually find a charge to pass that Magic down to. It's not that it's necessarily disastrous if they don't, but it's a deeply instinct-driven thing. Boss Monsters can fall into a deep depression and loneliness or develop volatile, usually anger-based, emotional issues if this magic is not shared. It's unknown how long before this effect takes place or why it occurs at all. But, as it is with the case of passing down to adopted children, they can only pass it on to one monster, and it's not effective until the parent Boss Monster actually dies.

Changes vary depending on the monster passing and the monster receiving. I may do a background one-shot about this another time. And Frisk isn't in this timeline, at least for the time being. It's just our Underground friends.

undertale fanfiction sans magic

Flowey is somewhere. Design will be drawn for BossMonster! Sans and posted on Instagram stmb underscore ff. Who really knows. He had held himself together for so long. Trying, trying to cling to this not-quite existence, in hopes of returning.

But it's not as if anyone remembered him. He didn't exist. Not anymore. The only one who remembered him didn't fully, and the other barely knew him as wisps of a faded figure in a forgotten dream. They were doing well, from what he saw when he dragged himself from nothing to see the something.

They were young adults, and doing so well. He was proud. But how could something that didn't exist have feelings? There could be nothing. There was nothing.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You meet at a theme park.

Who knew big, scary skeletons could man a ticket booth? Who knew humans could be so adorable? Frisk finds herself in an unfamiliar timeline. She runs into dangers on the way.

Within her dangers, she meets Sans, Chara and Asriel. There are many confusions and differences she comes across in this timeline. Can Frisk ever save her timeline again? Working at night at Wal-Mart can be tiring in the pay is not so good. But it's quiet so you can't complain about it that much. Your life is boring and your history full pain. But a bunch of monsters come into your life and it's no longer boring.

Especially when a tiny skeleton is always around the corner every where you went. When 12 year old Tuffet is thrown out of her house due to some ridiculous Spider Tradition, she takes to living on her own without much fuss. But how will she handle her new, independent life when two shape shifters just kinda She lets them in with open arms, but they seem hesitant. They're clearly hiding things, but living under one roof, some trust has to build The first thing Sans remembered was standing in Judgement hall.

undertale fanfiction sans magic

Then getting killed for the two hundredth time. Frisk grew up in a home with neglectful, drug using parents. With a little sister to take care of, Frisk goes to Mt. Ebott to collect a flower specimen for a professor in town who was willing to pay three hundred dollars for it. When she falls into the Underground, she finds danger, but also family and friendship. With the help of a mysterious ghost girl named Chara who only she can see and who she shares a connection with, as well as some new friends, especially a certain pair of skeleton brothers, Frisk tries to get back home to her sister, but what will be the cost?So I didn't intend to continue writing for "Undertale," but you know how things work.

undertale fanfiction sans magic

You get hit by inspiration and a cool idea takes root in your brain…. Well, anyway, this has no connection to my earlier story though I am working on a prequel for this one.

It was inspired by the visuals and such from an "Undertale" animation called "Echo" by v0idless which can be easily located on Youtube. It is a very intriguing and sometimes confusing video that I highly recommend watching. The person who created it is very talented. As I said, the visuals of the animation sparked off an idea. And the idea grew. And eventually this started to take shape and I started writing. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Just in case you're curious, I'm not Toby Fox. Which means I do not own "Undertale" or anything connected to the game. I am also not v0idless, which means I don't have anything to do with the animation "Echo. So I hope you enjoy. My brain certainly has a good time coming up with these ideas. Souls Shining In The Dark. How long he'd been trapped in darkness was impossible to judge properly.

It could be eons of solitude as the Void tore at his mind with sights, sounds, and knowledge of every location and moment simultaneously.

Or he could have fallen just a moment before, certain he would die and only beginning to realize this was far worse. His body was scattered, ripped apart and spread throughout the infinite darkness. His mind was frayed and unraveling under the constant onslaught.

The fragments of his self were merged with the strange dimension.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. As far back as you could remember, you had been trained with one goal in mind: To protect the human race from monsters that would one day return from the shadowy depths they were banished to.

And then they returned. So you're without purpose in a world that demands nothing from you. You make an offer to the town you live on the outskirts of - An offer that's one punny skeletons last resort. Since the world of Underfell is slowly dying and the human souls are gone, Sans and Papyrus are sent to Undertale by King Asgore to retrieve all the goods they need to carry on - new unwilling workforce included. Sans decides to target his other self to dig for informations, but he and Papyrus end up taking some kind of a liking to their unlucky counterparts.

They still need to finish to build the other Sans's machine so that they can open a portal to their own world and let some very, very bad and angry monsters through to ruin the wimpy world they have decided to conquer.

Will the Underfell boys be able to heal from their emotional constipation before things get too dark? In this story I decided to not use the usual nicknames for the characters, that is to say "Red and Boss" or "Red and Edge", as I've seen around.

This ended up creating some naming comedy in the story: the UF characters will have the normal names Sans, Papyrus, etc. Every time Frisk dies, another flower grows. Sans promised them that he would not let them die on his watch. Sixteen years ago there was a major car crash at the base of Mount Ebbot and a child went missing for a little over a week.

She was found without her memories of the event, or even where she had been. A few years later, an earthquake shook the mountain and the government shut down all access, warning of wild animal attacks and unstable ground. Now, backpack ready and bravery coursing through her veins, Alexis is ready to find out the truth of her time on the mountains after the crash, and the tiny charm that glows blue and flutters as she pushes forward.

She's ready for anything, at least she thinks so. Until she cracks a few ribs, runs into a skeleton, and finds herself in the middle of a snow storm in the middle of summer. In Its Infancy is set a year after Frisk broke the barrier.

An accident at a laboratory causes Undyne and Alphys to bring home a baby bones Sans. Now, the monster family has to adapt to the new baby of the family while also dealing with a number of other obstacles and evils that lurk in the shadows, hidden away until it's their time to strike. Dream finds an apartment all of his friends can move in. They quickly get to work and settle into their new home. Unfortunately for Sans, he meets an old, ex-friend along the way.

He towered over you, eyes narrowed in suspicion. You were too mesmerized by his wonderful eyes that changed color and shape. A table set in the moonlight, candles and flowers littering the open balcony. You smile as he appeared, in a dashing tux. Him writhing in pain, ribs snapping. You screamed, your soul throbbing at the sight of your loved one hurting. Its ends with him. It has angst, fluff in all the right places, and drama as well as plenty of plot.

This will be my first fanfiction, constructive criticism appreciated. Update schedule; Once a week, at the least. Frisk grew up in a home with neglectful, drug using parents. With a little sister to take care of, Frisk goes to Mt. Ebott to collect a flower specimen for a professor in town who was willing to pay three hundred dollars for it.

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